What kind of wind power does it take to get a man off the ground?

8 miles an hour – Blows out newspapers
Before leaving a newspaper unattended on the street, first see the weather forecast. Namely, how strong the wind will be today. Because even a light breeze can carry your favorite morning press away from your home.


Sync and corrections by honeybunny 16 miles an hour – Turns out umbrellas
We are all familiar with the situation when “This Stupid Umbrella” can not resist the force of the wind and constantly turns around. It happens often at a meter from 16 km/h. “Chinese umbrellas can also turn inside out when the wind blows.

Turns out umbrellas

32 miles an hour – Blowing out the sunbeds.
If you lie down and sunbathe on the beach, and the wind blows strong, we recommend you not to get up from the lounge chair, so as not to lose it in the literal sense.
By the way, that’s why every night the sunbeds on the beach are gathered together, so that a random hurricane did not spread them all over the territory, and not to visit the evening beauty.

72 miles an hour – Breaks down fences.
Your fence will not be happy if the wind reaches about miles an hour. Then he’ll have to be propped up with something, or he’ll have to catch the planks that flew away.

88 miles an hour- Blows out the tiles
If a little wind force increases, then along with the fence will fly off your roof and tiles.

Blows out the tiles

257 miles an hour – Turns the cars over.
The wind blowing at this speed is capable of turning the car over. And sometimes it’s a badly fixed plane.

Turns the cars over.

482 miles an hour – Inside the Tornado
This average wind speed is achieved inside a tornado.

In order to get the average person off the ground, a wind blowing with force and 100 miles an hour is enough. The main thing is to become at the right angle.


And we fly in a wind tunnel, where the flow speed can reach 300 miles an hour, which is more than enough to get a man off the ground. Especially if he lies down on his stomach, thereby increasing his area, creating more lifting power.

fly in a wind tunnel


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