The Top Five Key Benefits of Purchasing and Owning Investment Real Estate

The Top Five Key Benefits of Purchasing and Owning Investment Real Estate


Why should you invest or buy real property at all in First Place? It is because it is an ideal investment. Let us discuss the reasons why you should invest in the property first. The most straightforward answer is a well-known acronym. It addresses the main benefits of all real estate investments. Simply put, Investment Real Estate is an IDEAL investment. The IDEAL means:

I – Income 

D – Depreciation 

E – Expenses 

A – Appreciation 

L – Leverage 


Real property can be the IDEAL investment, compared to all other investments. Let us explain each benefit in depth. 

“I” in IDEAL stands for Income a.k.a. positive cash flow. Does it even generate income? The investment property you are investing in should generate revenue from the rent received every month. Of course, there will be times when you will be in a state of vacancy. However, for the vast portion of your investment, it will produce income. 


The “D” in IDEAL Stands for Depreciation. If you purchase investment real estate, you are eligible to depreciate it to benefit your tax situation. What exactly is depreciation? A method does not count costs to consider the total financial burden that is incurred by real estate investments. In the case of your investment property in real estate, you can claim the IRS. It lets you reduce this amount each year on your tax bill. 

There is an “E” in IDEAL for expenses. Any expenses that relate to the property can be deducted from the investment property. The cost of utilities, insurance, mortgages as well as the interest and taxes on property you pay. If you have an agent for managing your property or you are working on repairing or improving the property it is tax-deductible. Consider contacting Corona Cigar Company Dr Phillips for more information about real estate investment. 

It is the “A” in IDEAL for Appreciation. It is the increment in the value of the investment. It is among the primary reasons people invest at all with Wonderowkrs Orlando Dr Phillips. It is a great method to increase wealth. 

The “L” in IDEAL stands for leverage. Many use the term “OPM” (other people’s money). This refers to making use of a small portion of the money to control an asset that is much more costly.