The Essential Guide To Hiring A Maintenance Plumber in Canterbury: 8 Things You Should Know

The Essential Guide To Hiring A Maintenance Plumber in Canterbury: 8 Things You Should Know

Plumbing is something we all need to use regularly. However, finding a reliable plumber at the right time isn’t always easy. Therefore, it’s important to hire an experienced and professional plumber who can fix your plumbing problems quickly, efficiently, and at a price that won’t break the bank. This blog post will give you the essential information you need to hire a maintenance plumber in Canterbury.

Get To Know The Plumber

When you hire a plumber, you must get to know them. You’ll want to find out if they have any experience working in your area and what services they provide. This way, you can be sure that the plumber has experience fixing similar problems.

It would help if you asked to see a portfolio of previous work or photos and videos of recent projects. It should be a good indication of the quality of their work.

Check If The Plumber Is Licensed And Insured

It is important to check that your plumber has the necessary licenses, insurance, and registrations before you hire him or her. It means they are qualified to do their job professionally and safely.

The next step is to check if your chosen plumbing company has public liability insurance. It will cover them if something goes wrong during work being carried out on your property – whether it be damage caused by faulty tools or even injury caused due to inadequate safety measures.

Ask For Credentials

It would help if you always asked for credentials from a potential plumbing company. It will show you whether they can legally do the job in question and give you an idea of the experience levels of the people undertaking any work at your property.

You can also check if they have passed their exams and have proven to have sufficient knowledge and ability to perform their duties as a plumber.

When In Doubt, Ask Around

  • Ask around. If you don’t have anyone to ask about a plumber, you can start by asking friends, family members, and colleagues for recommendations.
  • Check references from the plumber. Most reputable companies will happily provide references from previous clients.
  • Check online reviews before making a hiring decision.

Ask How Long It Will Take To Complete The Work

Ask your maintenance plumber how long it will take to complete the work, and be realistic about when you need it done. If someone says they can come out the next day, but it will be an emergency call-out rate, don’t expect them to do any better. The best way to ensure that a plumber shows up on time is to schedule ahead of time—and make sure you have at least one backup service just in case something comes up last minute and prevents them from showing up on time.

Get A Written Estimate In Advance

It’s important to get a written estimate before you hire the plumber. First, you must ensure that the price is fair; if it isn’t, you can cancel without penalty. In addition, if there are any changes or additions to your job requirements later in the process, then having an estimate will allow you and your new plumber partner to be more flexible about how those changes will affect your budget and timeline.

Who Is Going To Pay For The Materials?

You must also clarify who is paying for the materials. If your plumber will pay for them, it’s wise to get a written estimate of those charges. But if you will cover the cost yourself, ensure that it is reflected in your contract and that you receive a written estimate of the required materials.


Plumbing is complex, and you want to ensure your plumber knows what they’re doing. Of course, they must also have the right credentials and experience, but it might be hard to tell if they just look at them. The best way to know is by asking around or doing research online. If you have doubts, it’s best to go with a maintenance plumber in Canterbury with an established business and a good reputation.