Floating bed in interior: views, shapes, design, backlit options

Sleep is a favorite mode for many people. Did you know that a person in a dream is 35% of his life? Today we offer to improve your sleeping place, make it not only qualitative, but also stylishly decorated.

Floating bed

floating cloud bed


What are the soaring beds, how do they achieve this effect?

The bed is an important element of any home, as we spend almost a third of our lives in it. In addition to the convenience of the design and certain aesthetic requirements, and today we will parse one of the interesting options – a soaring bed. Its main feature is that the lower supports are not visible – they are located far from the edge, so the construction looks as if floating in the air, the effect is further enhanced by lighting.

Floating bed

floating platform bed for sale

In modern interiors it is becoming a tradition to get rid of everything superfluous in the rooms, so that each object fulfilled its functional purpose, not cluttering the space, and in harmony with the surrounding furniture and materials of the floor and walls. The soaring bed fulfils a design concept that makes a room seem free and spacious, while the atmosphere is airy.

” Floating” bed just looks like a floating bed. Actually, it has anchor points, but they’re positioned so you can’t see them.

Floating bed

floating platform bed frame

Floating bed

modern floating bed


Advantages and disadvantages

Outside the “soaring” bed looks like a bed attached to the wall and hanging above the floor. It looks like the bed only holds on to the wall. In fact, it has supports that are securely hidden. Usually the support is in the very center and it is not visible due to the properly built decorative lighting.

Floating bed

floating platform bed

Floating bed

The “Flying” bed will fit into any interior and will always be admired by guests. It will give any room a modern look. Such a bed will look great in the Loft style, in the modern Hi-tech or minimalist styles, it will fit well with a classically decorated room. It’s all about the materials from which the bed is made and which decorates the room.

The “Hovering” bed, apart from its dizzying design, has other advantages:

    • the bed is placed close to the wall. Thanks to the fastening it does not loosen.
    • It creates an amazing feeling of cleanliness and openness in the room.
    • Ideal not only for adults, but also for children and teenagers, to whom it will bring a lot of positive emotions.
    • With all the space available under the bed, the bed leaves a lot of “air” and light in the room.
Floating bed

floating bed

Floating bed

floating king size bed

Shortcomings of the soaring bed:

    • If the bed is fastened to the wall, it is installed once and for all. It will not be possible to move the bed.
    • It doesn’t save space at all. Even under a regular bed with legs you can store some boxes, so to speak about beds with boxes! Nothing can be placed or put under a soaring bed, otherwise the whole effect will be lost. Even socks or slippers left behind will spoil the picture.
    • Flying bed is quite difficult to install. You have to resort to the help of professionals. The same applies to the repair of the bed.
Floating bed

bed frame with floating nightstands

Floating bed


What kind of soaring beds are there

Despite the seeming lightness, the flying bed has a stable and reliable construction. Its headboard is firmly fixed to the wall. Of course, the bed cannot hang in the air or stay on the backrest firmly attached to the wall. Of course, it has a support. It’s just well hidden. And the supports are different from one model to another:

    • The bed is on a frame that is moved closer to the center and firmly connected to the bottom. It is not necessary to attach this model to the wall.
Floating bed

king size floating platform bed

    • The bed is supported by a single support. The support is in the centre and the rays from the strong material are scattered in different directions. Thanks to precise design calculations, the load is distributed evenly and the base is absolutely stable.

Floating bed

    • The “hanging” bed in the air rests banally on ordinary legs. But they are arranged so that you can’t see them.

Floating bed

    • Models with clear roasted glass supports are recognized.
Floating bed

floating hammock bed

    • A soaring bed hanging on ropes attached to the ceiling beams.
king floating platform bed

king floating platform bed

Floating bed

teak platform bed with floating nightstands

Floating bed

floating king bed


Bed models and materials

Modern manufacturers (floating bed company) produce a large range of soaring beds. They can be of different shapes, sizes and types of fastening, made of different materials – wood, metal, with leather, textile finishing, etc:

    • The most popular models are rectangular or round in shape. A rectangular bed is fastened by a headboard to the wall or two sides – it is a corner bed. Interestingly, a round bed can also be a corner bed. Behind the headboard it has a corner which will stand perfectly right against the wall.
floating king bed frame

floating king bed frame

floating bed frame

floating bed frame

    • The legs of all soaring beds are carefully hidden. There are beds with only one central support, from which the rays diverge in all directions. Thanks to a clever design, the weight of these rays is distributed evenly – these models can withstand two people weighing 140 kg each. Such support can be sliding, ie, allow you to adjust the height of the bed. It happens that the bed is held on several legs – three or four, but they are concentrated closer to the center so that they are almost not visible. At a row of beds supports are made of transparent tempered glass – they are almost invisible to the eye.

Floating bed

Floating bed

Floating bed

floating bed with storage

    • The upholstery of “soaring” beds is varied. Since such models are not cheap in themselves, the materials used for them are of very high quality. Beds are upholstered with eco and natural leather, dense furniture fabrics. Laconic models made of wood are upholstered in general – they just have a mattress and a bedspread. A number of models have edges to make the mattress as if “drowned” in them and its surface is flush with the edges. More fanciful models in the modern style are simply wooden “substrate”, on which the mattress is placed on top, fixed with special fasteners. It looks great if the mattress is chosen not as simple, but very tall as a featherbed.

    • Depending on the cost and the manufacturer
      Soaring beds can be equipped with various interesting accessories. Most often such functionality is complemented by the headboard. For example, there may be a place for dishes, a convenient “bucket” to put a bottle of champagne, shelves, racks, etc. can be placed there. There are beds with an extra shelf book or table that rolls up to the bed on wheels and forms a single surface with it.

Floating bed

Floating bed

platform bed floating

Floating bed

    • Since the bed itself is usually very concise, designers actively use the headboard to realize their fantasies. It can be simply wooden, upholstered with textiles, covered with leather, glass – the space for fantasy is not limited.
Floating bed

floating platform bed king

Floating bed

platform bed with floating nightstands

Floating bed

floating wood bed frame

    • “Flying” models of furniture are made with or without backlighting. Coloured lamps enhance the illusion of floating above the floor, create an effect of mystery and add futuristicity to the interior. Very often, light helps to conceal supports: it distracts from them the attention of the person watching. LED lamps are installed both on the perimeter of the bed and in the center. They are perfect as a night light – at night you can stand up in peace and move around the room safely.
Floating bed

floating bed frames

floating queen bed

floating queen bed

diy floating platform bed

diy floating platform bed

There is a common myth that flying beds are necessarily attached to the wall. It’s not always true. A number of models have deep recessed legs that imitate wall mounting, but this is just an imitation. In fact, a bed like any other stands on its own supports, creating the illusion of flight.

    • At popular manufacturers such models of beds are usually made of solid or LDF or MDF boards. Of course, a bed with a wooden base is more expensive. However, the external finish of MDF does not always speak about cheapness and low quality. For example, a number of soaring beds in the air are created on the basis of all-welded metal frame. Such design, according to reviews, is very strong – can withstand up to 500 kg. At the same time it is decorated from the outside with MDF boards of different colors and patterns.
round floating bed

round floating bed

Floating bed

floating bed for sale

Floating bed

    • Dimensions at such beds can be different. If the furniture is made to order, it is made to individual measures. Ready-made versions are usually 160 x 200 cm, 180 x 200 cm or 200 x 200 cm.

Any furniture, and even more so the bedroom, must be strong and resistant to wear and tear. These qualities depend on materials and manufacturing technology.

Hovering beds fascinate with their fantastic appearance, design features. But they are made from completely traditional materials: wood, metal and combinations of them. For manufacturing of the basis and a headboard strong breeds of a tree – a pine, a nut, an oak, a cherry are used. Metal is usually used in the manufacture of structures on one support. Besides, the headboard on a metal basis as much as possible strongly fixes a sleeping place.

On sale there are soaring beds with wooden and metal parts at the base.

Floating bed

floating wooden bed frame

Floating bed

Floating bed

king size floating bed frame

Types of floating beds

    • On one leg
    • On magnets
    • It’s on a metal frame
    • It is suspended from the ceiling

Floating bed

Floating bed

Floating bed


Floating beds in different interiors

It would not be quite right to install such a model of bed in a banal and simple interior. For the effect to be dizzying, think every little thing through. Let the bedroom pleases the eye of you and your loved ones. You can take the ideas of professional designers who constantly come up with “flying” beds something new.

If you consider yourself a follower of classics, it does not mean that you contraindicate such furniture. Rather, it will revive your interior. To successfully fit it into the room, you will need to follow the basic rules of classical design – to create in the room correctness and symmetry. Let the bedside tables be on both sides of the bed. On them it will be advisable to put small lamps; you can hang them on the walls symmetrically to each other.

Floating bed

For storage of things will be useful chest of drawers or a small three-door locker. Ideally, it will be combined with the bed by color or will be made of the same material. Windows should be decorated with neat, but rather heavy curtains. Pickups, ruffles, brushes, cords are acceptable.

floating bed with lights

floating bed with lights

Floating bed

floating platform bed frames

The “soaring” bed itself is best placed on the wall, which is located at right angles to the window. Ideal would be a white or beige bed (depending on the total colour scheme of the room) with rounded corners. Be sure to order the headboard or its imitation on the wall! This is one of the classic styles. If the bed itself can be extremely simple, it is the headboard that can be richly decorated with stucco, gilded, plant ornaments or upholstered with expensive fabric.

In the classic interior you can do without the backlight under the bed. It’s better if sconces or candles shine.

Designers offer quite interesting solutions for Country style rooms. Of course, this direction does not tolerate minimalism, but if you think through the details, you can get a fairly successful interior.

Floating bed

bed with floating nightstands

The bed for such a fingerboard must be made of wood. It is desirable to see the pattern of wood – that is, there should be no paints, panels or upholstery. A soaring country bed should be a spacious wooden bed. Corners are allowed here, i.e. it can be a flat rectangle. Well, if you have a wooden headboard, the simpler the better. It can be a simple, well-grounded board or a few thin laths knocked together.

Modest curtains, a hand-made boardwalk with thin mats, an animal’s trophy head (or its imitation) on the wall – all this will create the right mood. Bedside cabinets are best avoided. If you need space for storage of trifles, it is better to hang a small wooden shelf on the wall.

Floating bed

floating bed frame diy

To achieve the best results in the design with a soaring bed can, of course, in modern and “cold” styles, from which winds austerity, futurism, space.

A bedroom in minimalist style is perfect for those who are tired of endless communication at work and want privacy. It is also considered ideal for singles.

Usually 2-3 colors are used. Light smooth walls, in contrast to them – the floor and furniture. For example, in an absolutely white room there may be a red (black) floor and a bed of the same colour. This should be the only piece of furniture in the room. Above the bed you can hang a laconic picture, 1-2 light sources of simple shape.

Floating bed

floating shelf above bed

Sometimes designers, in order not to “cut” the space of a small room, use a simple trick – if all surfaces are made white (walls, floor and ceiling) and white make the bed, visually it will merge with the walls. The bed linen should contrast in color.

Floating bed

With such solutions, the bed illumination is just right.

If you like high-tech, the bedroom will need to be decorated in black and white, which will be perfectly complemented by shiny, chrome metal parts. A bed with a black base and a white headboard (and vice versa) will be perfect. The headboard can also be glass – it will look extraordinarily effective. Walls can decorate monochrome urban or techno landscapes. You will definitely need a few lamps – a floor lamp of simple shape or futuristic design.

The masters manage to make a bed hanging over the floor with their hands. But in fact, it does not matter whether the bed is made by yourself or it was made in a furniture factory. The main thing is that it will emphasize your individuality and surprise everyone who sees it.

diy floating bed frame with led lighting

diy floating bed frame with led lighting

Floating bed

floating shelves above bed

floating king size bed frame

floating king size bed frame


Design project development

Before you start work, you need to do some preparatory work:

    • Decide on the size of the soaring bed. Start there – measure the room to understand the size of the structure. It is important to take into account the number of sleepers and their combination, but do not clutter the bedroom.
    • Find a mattress of the right size. This is a very important point, which many people miss. Mattresses are manufactured to certain standards, you should find the option that is closest to your needs. These are the parameters that should be taken into account when planning.

Floating bed

When you know the size of a mattress, it won’t be difficult to make an accurate flight bed design.

    • A specific model is selected. It is possible to search for interesting decisions in a network the Internet and to use them or to create the variant which will differ from all other models.
    • The location of supports is determined. They can be of different sizes, the main thing is to determine on what distance to put them so that they were not visible from the room. The smaller the room, the easier it is, because the viewing angle is limited.

Floating bed

    • A project is being drawn up. The more detailed it is and the more detailed you specify all sizes, the easier the assembly process will be. The drawing takes into account all aspects: from dimensions to support height and header configuration.


Materials used for work

Such materials can be used in the assembly:

    • Solid wood. The most commonly used materials for the frame are inexpensive pine or larch. For external framing it is better to choose more expensive and attractive species – oak, beech, exotic variants.

Please note!
Buy should be the highest grade material, without knots and other flaws. The humidity should not exceed 20%.

    • LDPE or MDF board. If the budget is limited, these inexpensive materials can be used for the outer frame. They are suitable for framing, but wood should still be used for the supporting part as these options are not strong enough.
    • Metal elements. If the supporting part will be assembled from metal, a profiled pipe will be purchased, its quantity depends on the size of the structure. The cross-section may vary, usually 20-30 mm or more are used.

The wood must be dry so as not to deform after assembly.

In addition, other materials are used – fasteners, upholstery, decor, etc. Everything depends on the chosen bed design.


How to make a soaring bed by yourself

Let’s look at two options, you need to choose the one that best fits your conditions.

Wooden soaring bed

The most popular option, as the wood can be processed well and does not require special equipment. From the tool you will need the following:

    • Electro jigsaw or circular saw. You can also use a circular saw, if you have one.
    • A screwdriver. It is used both for twisting fasteners and for drilling wood. That’s why you should have both attachments and drills in the kit.
    • Measuring devices. When working, do not do without a level, tape measure, carpentry angle and pencil.
    • Brushes for surface paint application.

Other tools can be used, this is a list of basic accessories.

Let’s move on to the workflow:

The desired size of the workpiece is cut. If you have made a detailed and accurate sketch, there will be no problem with dimensions. It is best to cut all elements for the support structure – both for the support part and the outer frame.

If there is a possibility of cutting of elements at purchase – take advantage of this service, it costs cheaply, but essentially simplifies and speeds up working process.

The supporting part of the structure is assembled. In our case it has a box configuration, it is a very robust and simple solution that can be assembled quickly and easily. The deviation from the edge is not more than 35 cm, usually it is enough that the supporting part is not visible. If the room is large, just make the gap between the frame and the floor smaller so that no one can see what’s at the bottom.
Use metal corners to reinforce the structure. They allow you to connect the elements quickly and very securely.

Pay attention!
For strength, smear all joints of the wood with joinery glue, it will strengthen the joints and reduce the possibility of deformation in the future.

The supporting frame of rhjdfnb is assembled. It is a frame, which is reinforced by jumpers, they are placed in random order, the main thing is that the distance between them does not exceed 40 cm, and the structure itself is rigid and reliable. It is better to overdo it with durability than to get an unreliable frame.

The upper part is fastened to the support leg. It is best to cut the bars to the overall height of the structure and place them in all corners as shown by the arrows in the photo. In addition, the connection is reinforced by corners and plates where possible.

The finished element must be strong and not bend even when loaded on one edge. If a thick bar was used and all connections were reinforced with corners and tightened with screws, there will be no problems with the load-bearing capacity.

A flooring is made on the surface. You can use different materials for this purpose:

Board, it is better to use tongue and groove version with thickness from 20 mm and more.
Plywood, sheets 18 mm thick or thicker will do the job perfectly.
OSB board, a modern solution that can also be used for bed assembly. The minimum thickness is 16 mm.

Pay attention!
When fixing the bedding, make sure that all joints are on the lintels.

The external frame is attached, it serves as a bed decor and a stop for the mattress – there is a niche in which it is simply inserted.

It uses either a board, or strips of LDPP, or a thick bar. It is possible to paint the elements even before fixing them to treat all surfaces.


Bed with metal frame

If you decide to make a soaring bed with your hands, stock up on the next tool:

    • Bulgarians, you need metal cutting and grinding discs.
    • Electrodrill with a set of drills on metal.
    • Welding machine. It needs electrodes as well. Don’t forget the protective equipment – a special suit and a mask.
    • Measuring and marking tools.
    • Clamps and clamps for fixing elements at welding.

The working process in this case consists of such stages:

The material for the construction of the bed frame is cut. Since it is used not a thin metal profile for drywall, but a pipe with a wall thickness of 1 mm or more, the material will have to be cut by a Bulgarian. To achieve perfect quality, it is better to buy a special frame on which the grinder is mounted. This is simply an element in which the pipe is fixed and a special lifting mechanism allows you to cut the material at the right angle.

After cutting, do not forget to clean all ends of the elements from burrs and other flaws.

The frame is welded. Here it is important to build a solid and flat base, which is reinforced by lintels throughout the area. The number of amplifiers is selected so that the frame turns out to be strong, but not very heavy.

Pay attention to the supports, they are placed at the intersection of the jumpers, for reliability the support plates are welded, which give rigidity to the places where the legs are installed.

Pay attention!
During the welding process, it is very important to evenly combine the elements, for this purpose they are fixed with clampings and first tackled at 2-3 points. After the elbow, the geometry is checked and if all is well, the weld is fully welded.

The corners of the construction are reinforced by triangular plates. They are applied on the bottom side and welded to the frame.
The legs are inserted into the lower part of the supports. These are special plastic elements, which are sold in furniture fittings stores.
A wooden frame and a backrest are attached, which are assembled separately. It may have different designs, the main thing is to provide eyelets for mounting to the wall.


How to install LED lighting under the bed yourself

It’s easy to install the LED under the bed with your own hands:

    • Ribbon and control unit are purchased. It is uncoiled and checked for function, if all is well, you can start working.
    • The ribbon is glued underneath the bottom part. Arrange it so that the light equipment is not visible from the outside. Sometimes two rows are glued together to ensure the best brightness. It is easy to glue the elements: the protective layer at the back is removed and they are pressed against the surface.

the photo shows how to glue the LED strip to the bed

    • The control unit is also attached at the bottom. It is simply glued to the double-sided tape. After that, the electricity is connected and the system is checked for proper functioning.

check how the LED backlighting works

    • A mattress is laid on the finished structure. After the bed is made up and you can use it.

put a mattress on the bed


How to make a floating bed yourself you can learn by watching this video:



Now you know how to build a spectacular soaring bed with your hands. The video will help you understand the process even better, and if you have any questions, ask them in the comments below.