Easy Tips To Take Care Of Floor Tiles

Easy Tips To Take Care Of Floor Tiles

Whether you decide to install tiles in your room, on the floor, or on walls, they upgrade the look of the area. However, this can only happen if the tiles are clean and sparkling. If they look dirty and worn-out, your home will look grungy. Therefore, it is important to maintain the shiny and clean look of your tiles for a beautiful home. 

Cleaning the floor can be a bit of a challenge. Therefore, you want to pick something that is easy to maintain and does not keep you scrubbing the floor for hours. If you let stains sit on the tiles for a long time, it can cause permanent damage as well. To learn more and shop for the best flooring products, you may look at Club Ceramic tiles

Tips to take of floor tiles 

  • Clean your tiles regularly. 

Spending a few minutes cleaning your tiles every single day will save you long hours of cleaning later. Letting stains and dirt sit on tiles for too long can cause permanent damage and make your floor look dirty. Regular cleaning does not require scrubbing too hard or using harsh chemicals. All you need is a broom and some water. 

An expert tip is using a clean cloth to dry the floor rather than letting it air-dry as it can form spots. 

  • Do deep clean sessions. 

Regular maintenance is crucial for your tiles to look shiny and new every day and to remove easy stains. However, some tough spots require deep clean sessions. You can find tile cleaning chemicals easily in the market, but make sure you buy the one suitable for the tile material. Using the right products will avoid dulling the tiles and keep them looking new. 

  • Use doormats. 

If you have tiles at the entrance and exit of your home, place doormats on both sides to prevent inviting mud and dirt from people’s shoes. This is especially for areas with inclement weather. Similarly, if you have tiles in your bathroom, use a doormat there as well. 

  • Use vinegar as your cleaning assistant. 

Vinegar is perhaps one of the most multi-purpose ingredients in your home kitchen. It can be used in various dishes as well as for cleaning stubborn stains. Take half a cup of vinegar and mix it well in a bucket full of water. 

Use this solution to mop your floor tiles using backward and forward movements. Vinegar not only removes stubborn stains but leaves your floor looking shiny. It also helps disinfect the tiles, thus preventing the growth of bacteria.