A Guide to Choosing the Right Water Heater

A Guide to Choosing the Right Water Heater

Are you considering getting your first water heater, or are you planning to replace your old one?

Whatever the choice, getting a brand new single-point or multi-point water heater is not as straightforward as it sounds. You need to consider several factors, such as cost efficiency and if you want a traditional or tankless water heater. Making a choice can be overwhelming, so we crafted this guide to help you with your shopping.

Do you want it Tank or Tankless?

While browsing the market, you might encounter a plethora of water heaters. There are two kinds available when determining the best unit: the traditional tank and tankless heaters. How different are they?

As the name suggests, a tank water heater comes with a large tank that stores and heats the water. This unit requires ample space and may not be a good option if you have a small bathroom. Tank heaters are usually the cheapest, but they may not be the most economical since their heating elements are constantly activated to keep the water hot. 

On the other hand, tankless heaters are smaller and more cost-efficient. Instead of storing water inside a tank, it heats water on demand – meaning you’ll get hot water as soon as you turn the shower on. This saves up more space and energy, so we recommend getting tankless units.

Is it Energy-Efficient?

You’ll most likely select an electric water heater over other options due to its convenience, but consider checking its cost-efficiency. Of course, a tank heater will consume more energy than a tankless variety. Still, even a tankless water heater may not be as energy-efficient as you think.

Your water heater will contribute to your electricity bills, especially if you are thinking of getting a multi-point model. In most stores, water heaters have a tag indicating their estimated energy consumption, so don’t forget to examine these while browsing.

What is your Budget?

Before taking a trip to the hardware store, determine your budget first. Water heaters are costly, from initial purchase to installation and maintenance. Some water heaters are pricier than others, and different stores may offer varying prices.It is best to check the product’s website first to get an idea of the possible costs you need to incur. 

Dealers like Rheem Philippines provide complete information about their products on their websites. They also have informative guides to help you pick your perfect water heater. For more tips, take your time to read this blog.